About us

The Rotary e-Club Panhellenic is the first e-Club in Greece, sponsored by Rotary Club of Kalamaria and it’s a member of District 2484.
The e-Club is consisted of Greeks who live permanently in 4 different countries. The average age is under 40 years and thanks to the use of technology we work together designing projects that bring positive influence in Greek society.
Our members are Rotarians who sought membership of Rotary e-Club Panhellenic because their professional commitments precluded them from participation in traditional Rotary clubs. Several of our members are professional and business leaders who travel constantly. Their membership of Rotary e-Club Panhellenic gives them access to their Rotary e-club anywhere there is an internet connection. Some are highly experienced Rotarians who have already contributed elsewhere as Club Presidents or Assistant District Governors.
We have a weekly fellowship meeting on-line on Mondays at 09:00 PM using Skype for Business and we provide an opportunity for all our members to meet face-to-face once a year.